Dear My friends in SL…

Dear My friends in SL…

thanks for you all kindness for what happened here in Japan.I met bigger earthquake than ever in my office shaking me so much I sat down under my desk for keeping me safe.

I had to walk to my home you know train or some commute ways are stop or very very slow moving (‘cause of traffic jams just have been occurred now).4 hours walking..was very tired but food shops,conveniece stores,and gas stands help ppl walking…made me kept safe.

since getting up this morning I have to do lots of things to (still going on…now..) before my Electric Power company turning to save their providing power.. you know in Fukushima there still have been the crisis of nuclear power plant might be going to melt down..

And more,really sorry,my Internet Service had been down just before a few…really sorry I cant tell you directly…Some of you much worried about me..much appreciated..

hope to see you in sl and would love to talk more.



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